Eltouny Automatic Doors

Eltouny Automatic doors are manufactured according to Fermator Spain specifications and standards. Fermator Group is the largest manufacturer of automatic doors for lifts in the world. The automatic doors manufactured by Fermator comply with International Standards; EN 81-1/2, ASME A17.1-2000, and fire requirements EN 81-58 and UL 10B among numerous others.
We also supply automatic doors from Selcom Italy by wittur. Since 1977 Wittur supplies the most versatile and high quality lift doors, coupled with full range of certifications.

General Specification

  • Eltouny Automatic doors employ smooth operation using VVVF or VVF drive.
  • Eltouny Automatic doors come with wide variety of stainless steel patterns.
  • Eltouny Automatic doors are very easily installed.
  • Eltouny Automatic doors have wide life span with minimum maintenance.