Genesis System

Two Speeds or VVVF Geared Lifting System With Genesis Solution

General Characteristics

  1. Patented rope system with 1:1 suspension and L-shaped car frame.
  2. Possibility of execution without machine room, with machinery cabinet containing the gear unit and the control panel, or with traditional machine room beside the shaft.
  3. Possibility to install the gear box and the control panel on any landing floor.
  4. The gear unit can be reached easily from outside the shaft and the manual emergency release can be carried out in total safety.
  5. The installation and maintenance are carried out like in a traditional rope system, without special frames or devices.
  6. Optimum shaft space use, possibility to put up to three car entrances, and energy saving along with elevated comfort, etc.
  7. High-quality mechanical components.
Lift Load Capacity 320 kg 400 kg 450/480 kg 630/1000 kg
Person 4 5 6 More than 8

Suspension 1:1
Speed 0.8 m/s – 1.6 m/s
Max. Travel 30 Meters
Max. Stop 10 Stops
Min. Shaft Pit 1350 mm
Min. Headroom 3500 mm
Car Frame Inversed L Frame

Technical details and user guides are submitted upon delivery.