IdealPark Car Lift

The top of the line realized in a beautiful villa on Geneva Lake.


IP1-CM MOB is an innovative car lift, available in two versions:Standard: Load 2700 kg, cover flooring 150kg/mq2 and XL: Load 3500 kg, cover flooring 90kg/mq2.

This extremely quiet system differs from other products on the market for the perfect integration with architecture. The platform is customizable with resin, stainless steel or Triplex painting. Unsightly fences are not in fact needed due to the presence of a series of safety features such as a camera at ground floor, a color display and LCD touch screen on board that allow to monitor the system and its surrounding area during its operation. The outside space remains completely free and livable and can be set to a garden or courtyard.

To contribute to a completely invisible and prestigious result there is the possibility of paving the roof covering with any material. Through a wide choice of colors, lighting and finishes, you can customize your system for a unique result and in harmony with the surroundings.

The cars parked in the basement are protected, as they can be removed only by inserting a coded key into the control panel to operate the plant. Even the parking lot has then its security and privacy.

For those who like to take care of the details of their home, avoiding ramps or cars parked on the surface without sacrificing green space or courtyards, the solution is the invisible garage, built using the new and exclusive system IdealPark IP1-CM MOB.

50 Years Of Experience

The Italian company IdealPark builds car lifts with passion and craftsmanship, creating unique, custom products, in full harmony with the most modern architectural, urban and environmental requirements. Life and work spaces can and must increasingly become works of art, not only to be contemplated but to be dwelt in; every detail, studied by construction and design professionals, contributes to creating harmonious areas and fascinating contrasts that reflect a certain vision of society, where the quality of a space becomes the quality of existence. Ancient examples of style can coexist with spectacular technological installations, a technology that can even camouflage itself and disappear, at the service of the spaces frequented every day, and finally at the service of contemporary men and women.


Car Lifts With Driver On Board

Car Lifts With Covering Roof

IdealPark Car Lifts

We offer our customers a full range of systems to satisfy different parking needs. Idealpark continuously invests in research and development to offer its users maximum comfort together with the most advanced technology and circuitry in line with European guidelines. Our competence, versatility and ability of meeting any customer need combined with advanced technology and the flexibility to personalize each product line at the base of the total approach adopted by us.

Car Lifts With Driver On Board

Car Lifts With Covering Roof