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Smooth and Elegant Home Lifts
With Superior Technology

Easy Installation

Our home lifts require minimal to needs zero civil work which reduces the installation time in some cases to 24 working hours.

Value and Quality

Our strategy provides high-quality at affordable prices by combining English Technology, European Components and investing in high-tech production lines.

European Standards

Our home lifts are EN 81-41 certified, this warranties a consistent European Standard for construction, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and dismantling of electrically powered elevators

Residential Elevators

Home is where people want to feel safe. At Eltouny, We take that to the next level with our understanding of residential buildings. Designs from standard to custom, there is no compromise on quality at any cost point, knowing that the goal is to have a safe, reliable mode of transportation for buildings where people live. Fast response and transparent communication also come standard.

Why Buy A Home Lift ?

Our Home Lifts will integrate seamlessly with your home, without the extensive building work. They will adapt to your home, not the other way around.

Connecting Generations

A home lift makes all the floors of your home accessible to everyone you love. It transforms your home into a great place for different generations to meet, hang out and connect.

Makes Everyday Life Convenient

A home lift makes your everyday life more convenient. The lift makes all the floors of your house accessible by the push of a button and helps you in your everyday chores.


A home lift will future-proof your home for your golden years and increase the real estate value of your home. In all respects, a home lift is a great investment.

How to choose your HOMELIFT ?

Filter Your Selection By

  1. The no. of floors every elevator services. 
  2. Wheelchair accessibility if need
  3. Installation indoors / outdoors
  4. The lifts required structural dimension/ pit depth and headroom minimum requirements.
  5. Possibility to have a pit.
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